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How to stay on top of your investment

As a VC you invest in life science, deep tech or clean tech companies worldwide. You are experienced with companies that drive innovation and how to bring them to success. But are you always up to date with the status of their R&D or commercial milestones? Do you receive a monthly report on their operational progress and financial indicators? This information is essential for working towards a successful exit.

It’s an exciting time to be in the venture space. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, venture funding is at record levels – and the pace of investment is accelerating. Last year we’ve seen the amount of European VC investment more than doubled compared to 2020 (1). Meanwhile average deal sizes and valuations hit new highs, sustained by a robust market for exits.

How do you keep track of your portfolio’s financial performance?

Is your venture actually delivering on your investment? Do you know where they stand in their growth strategy and what the completion status is of the milestones set? What’s their burn on a monthly basis and their latest runway? Do you have detailed insight in their actual and forecasted statements?

Financials for start-ups and scale-ups

At F.INSTITUTE we designed a unique financial reporting system, carried out by an experienced team that enables start-ups and scale-ups to deliver the right value for capital received and provide up to date insights around all critical phases of growth and value inflection points.

Our people and systems make sure to:

  • Deliver reliable financials every month
  • Generate timely and specific reports to investors
  • Compare actual performance against projections
  • Explain period-to-period differences
    Provide key insights in KPIs like out-of-cash date, burn, margins, revenue and headcount
  • Always have clean books to facilitate and advance audits or other key events (e.g. exit)

In-depth understanding of the industry

As a strategic and analytical team, specialized life sciences, deep tech and clean tech companies, we are able to show the financials of any investment opportunity as a trusted partner for the management team as we have an in-depth understanding of their businesses and all commercial and/or R&D related (financial) issues. With our more than 30 years’ experience, we developed a deep expertise, and a proven track record in these industries. We understand the complex mix of equity investments and non-dilutive funding instruments.

Get your monthly reports

If you are lacking adequate monthly updates and insights of your investment, please let us help your venture to grow their professional reporting. Reach out to our team to set up a meeting with you and/or your venture in order get their financials straight and enable them to report to you timely on a monthly basis.

What suits your venture best?

We support all ventures in each specific stage of their development.

(1) Source: Pitchbook capital Invested EU and Israel, deal values as per 31 dec 2021.

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