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As a Venture Capitalist you want to invest in fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups in life science or deep tech. But sometimes your (potential) venture lack the right financial foundation. While entrepreneurs in these industries are extreme experts in their field of research, it’s not necessarily their expertise to make the most out of the process of fundraising or dealmaking. And financial challenges get more complicated and time-consuming along the way. How do you, as a VC, succeed to seize the right opportunities and optimize your investment?

  • Does your (potential) venture understand what is needed (financially) to succeed?
  • Does it have enough knowledge to look after fundraising and becoming (more) investor ready?
  • Is there sufficient financial expertise and time commitment available in the company?
  • Do they have a structured plan to raise capital?
  • Do they have adequate venture capital advisory services onboard?

If the answer is no, please read on.

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How do you bolster your portfolio company’s financial knowledge?

At F.INSTITUTE we have the knowledge that is necessary to bolster the growth of your venture. We understand that their focus is on their product and not on fundraising. We know what risks and challenges investing brings. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with our financial expertise and extensive network enables your venture to gain the right sources of capital.

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Capital Advisory for start-ups and scale-ups

We support ventures in Life Sciences and Deep Tech industries and their investors by offering several venture capital advisory services:

Optimize your investment management and portfolio returns

With our more than 30 years’ experience, we can support you not only in capital raisings or as an financial partner for your management team, but also in the later stage of exiting. Our efforts are fully focused to maximize the likelihood that entrepreneurs will successfully close a transaction. Which in turn, allows investors to optimize their investment management and portfolio returns.

What to expect from our Venture Capital Advisory Services​?

  • Deep sector expertise: Our approach to strategic transactions and fundraising reflects our intimate knowledge of the industry and all of the options companies have in responding to inflection points
  • Early- and mid-stage focus: We are experts in structuring and closing challenging situations, including securing deals on early-stage, unapproved products.
  • Affordable rates: Our rates our start- and scale-up friendly, and for the vast majority risk based. Illustrating our willingness to take skin-in-the-game.
  • High dedication: We play a vital role in increasing the viability of the equity story and marketing materials. Rather than acting as a broker, we serve as a trusted advisor during the full transaction process and typically stay involved post-closing.
  • Relationship-oriented approach: Relationships are built of long periods of time and may be difficult to access for a young company. We help our clients surmount this hurdle through our connections inside potential investor and strategic companies.

How can we help your venture?

Financing risk is one of the biggest risks for fast-growing companies. And it is often considered a catch-22: to hire professional advice from the start, or to ‘do it yourself’. Hiring professional financial advice is often an expensive resource and if there is anything scale-ups do not have access to, it is large amounts of cash. The alternative, however, brings challenges of its own. Firstly, the management of a venture often lacks time to fully dedicate to the intensive process of fundraising. Secondly, there is often a lack of expert knowledge when it comes to financial means and growth. Companies, therefore, begin too late raising venture capital and hold insufficient expertise to compensate. High-quality transaction support can take the heat off this issue, providing more space to the founder and better deal terms.

Is your venture in the need of financial-related advice, solid networking opportunities or advice regarding fundraising services? If you want to know more about our Venture Capital Advisory Services, please feel free to reach out and set up a meeting with you and/or your venture.

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Venture Capital Advisory Services​

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