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Seed capital? Your next step is...

Your product looks promising and you’ve successfully navigated your first seeding round. Maybe you have secured more non-dilutive funding. You’re ready for the next level, and so are your accounting practices.

We know your sector like the back of our hand and our financial experts know exactly what is required at this stage. It’s time to scale up your bookkeeping and also inform your investors on a monthly basis.

Our monthly reports keep your investors fully up to date with your burn rate, investments and growth, and we maintain a custom general ledger for you. Besides this, we keep track of all invoices, get your books in order, take care of your taxes, and produce an annual report (as in the Incubator Package).

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This is how we can help you to grow even further.

What do you get from our Seed Package?

Taking a promising product to the next level. Starting from 769 p/m

Capital Advisory

CFO Services

Our CFO services will help you tackle all finance-related challenges. A dedicated F.INSTITUTE professional will act as your seasoned interim CFO, who can strengthen your management team immensely.

Fundraising Services

Our advisors understand the complex mix of equity investments and non-dilutive funding instruments. Together, we establish which funding instruments and strategies are the best fit for your next step.

Partnering and M&A Services

We help business founders to navigate the most important transactions of their lives. Our experts originate, structure, and negotiate these kinds of transaction on a monthly basis.
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