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Start-up and scale-up valuations are often perceived as a black box. Classic methods of valuation often fall short, since the specific nature of early stage companies involves high risk factors, lack of performance data, high growth projections, and other uncertainties. It’s fair to say that valuing a venture is both an art and a science.

Despite this, a lot of ventures need insight into their valuation for fundraising purposes, asset and/or share transactions, and partnering purposes.

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At F.INSTITUTE, we specialize in early stage valuation. Our services aim to help you confidently communicate your value to stakeholders and close fair deals. To provide you with a reliable value range, our approach combines different methods that result in a more comprehensive and accurate view:

  • Scorecard method
  • VC method
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Market Multiples and Comparable Transactions
  • Risk-Adjusted Net Present Value

We package these insights into clear and detailed valuation reports, so you can leverage this knowledge and be prepared in negotiations.

Truly learn what drives your valuation

In valuation, how you get to the final number is just as important as the number itself. That’s why we support you with:

  • market analysis
  • market sizing
  • customer segmentation
  • industry positioning
  • competitor research
  • leveraging access to proprietary data and reports by major research firms and investment banks

to help your team and investors better understand the market environment, competitive forces, and future growth opportunities.

Based on these data-driven insights, we bolster your ability to attract new capital to grow, meet customer and investor expectations, and hit the next milestone.


  • Multiple selected valuation methods: Handpicked to capture the value of startups from different points of views
  • Valuation report: Professional, clear and detailed valuation
  • Reliable data sources: Reliable data sources tailored to your company and industry. A grounded valuation depends on grounded assumptions and we therefore ensure the reliability of our data sources.

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