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Our team has extensive experience in conducting sales and partnership processes (‘exits’) for our clients. In these processes, we invest significant time in getting to know our clients’ stories, enabling us to present a compelling and tailored rationale to each potential partner.

From initial deal sourcing to valuation and due diligence support, we have the right expertise to provide high-quality support during the transaction, helping clients to realize value at each step of the process. We are comfortable working with early-stage assets, where the expertise to advise on the economic and non-economic terms of risk-sharing is often critical.

Our M&A and licensing services include:

  • Valuation and financial modelling
  • Full preparation for sell side initiatives
  • Due diligence support
  • Industry analysis and prospective buyer sourcing
  • Confidential investment memorandum set-up

Our Approach

  • At the start of each process, we pay special attention to the partnership strategy and planning, ensuring alignment of the client’s objectives and the transaction feasibility.
  • We strategically position companies and assets with comprehensive upfront work before making the first outreach call. A lot of processes for great companies fail to gain meaningful traction due to a lack of compelling data on the business opportunity or sub-optimal storytelling. It is our goal to prevent this from happening.
  • We are able to develop complex financial models to assist in the multifaceted decision-making and deal-structuring processes. Our team performs deep financial analyses assessing the potential value of a variety of partnership transactions and return expectations for both sides. These are important parameters in negotiations.
  • During the origination phase, we support our clients by qualifying the right partners, the right deal structures, and the right process management to maximize the chance of successful closing.

We work with the world’s best systems:

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