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Investor Readiness

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Looking to maximize your fundraising outcomes?

In order to maximize the probability of a successful closing, a venture has to put together a high-quality, well-executed set of materials and we are here to help. Our investor readiness service aims to help our clients attract capital by building powerful investment materials, defining solid go-to-market strategies, and producing sound financial forecasts. Items that will be critical during your fundraising campaign include:
  • Pitch decks and Investment Teasers
  • A well-structured Virtual Data Room (VDR)
  • Financial forecasting and valuation models
  • A validated cap table (enabling pre- and post-raise scenarios)

… We've got you covered

Strong marketing materials are integral to the success of the capital offering. Together with your team, we build exactly the right fund-raising package – distilling the bulk of internal data available into a document that clearly identifies a position in the market, establishes favorable trends specific to the industry, and presents your company’s unique business strategy to monetize the opportunity.

Activities we perform for our clients on a daily basis include:

  • Helping management and founders develop long-term business and growth plans
  • Developing dynamic and user-friendly financial models aligned with investor expectations
  • Identifying and translating key revenue, cost, and growth drivers
  • Defining a fundraising roadmap with future rounds as well as potential exit strategy options
  • Capturing your business plan in a compelling pitch deck and investment teaser

We use a data-driven approach

We like to make sure our clients conduct business on well-grounded assumptions. That’s why we use market analysis, market sizing, customer segmentation, industry positioning, and competitor research – leveraging access to proprietary data and reports by major research firms and investment banks – to help your team and investors better understand the market environment, competitive forces, and future growth opportunities.

We work with the world’s best systems:

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Looking for funding?

Talk to us about your planned fundraiser. We are always happy to review your current materials and provide a free quick scan on how ready you are and what needs to be improved. If you are in need of advice or just seek a fair outside perspective, please leave your information and we will be in touch to schedule a call.

If you want to become Investor Ready, this is your path to follow.

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